Covered wagon rides

Explore the surroundings of Schönholthausen or other routes with our covered wagon in a convivial atmosphere. The covered wagon offers space for a maximum of 22 people. The journey takes you to the most beautiful places around Schönholthausen. There is no lower limit for the number of people.

The length and duration of the tour are determined by the guests, the trips cost €150 per hour plus €20 for each 5 km of travelling distance. There is a special discount for groups with a subsequent or previous stay with a meal in our house
- for groups of 10 people or more, we deduct €30 from the total fare
- for groups of 20 people or more, we deduct €50 from the total fare

Chilled drinks, such as Veltins Pils and Radler 0.33 litre bottles, soft drinks 0.2 litre bottles and mineral water are charged at € 2 per bottle. On request, we can also stock the covered wagon with bottles of wine at €18 per litre bottle or sparkling wine per 0.75 litre bottle at €15 or, in cold weather, with mulled wine at €12 per litre. (Minimum consumption for drinks is €50, otherwise we charge an additional cleaning fee of €30).

You can also bring your own drinks - but then we will charge a cleaning fee of €50! A Bluetooth box is available free of charge on the covered wagon. Payment is possible in cash or by card.

It is advisable for the organiser(s) to contact us in advance so that we can discuss the tour individually on the phone. We are also happy to work out tour suggestions for you. Please use the enquiry form for initial contact.