Excursions with the carriage

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings of Schönholthausen during a ride in our carriage. The carriage offers space for a maximum of 5 people. Our experienced coachman will take you to the most beautiful places around the village.

An experience for young and old. The carriage rides take you along paths with very little traffic, but also a bit along the country roads in the surrounding area. Our horses are good-natured and used to everything, so you can enjoy the ride without worrying. Cost of the carriage ride: The 1st hour 70,- €, every further hour 50,- €.

The following video (4 min. playing time, file size 150 MB) gives you a small insight into one of our tours in the surrounding area.

Enjoy a carriage ride through the wonderful landscape around Schönholthausen
Video with Onlinevideo Music Higher Hopes from Frametraxx