About us

Located in the heart of the Südsauerland, our house offers you not only comfortable rooms for your overnight stay, excellent cuisine or the possibility to enjoy a few days of your leisure time. In our rooms you also have the possibility to hold conferences or seminars or to use them for your personal celebration.

For the sporty guest, a  federal bowling alley is available in the house. On request, we can arrange covered wagon and carriage rides for our guests and provide tips for leisure activities around Schönholthausen. The party service of our house enjoys a good reputation in the region.

History of Gasthof Steinhoff

More than 100 years ago, on 29 December 1903, Heinrich Johann Steinhoff received permission to run an inn and tavern (common term anno 1903). Two months later, on 01 March 1904, he bought the former Gasthof Beckmann in Schönholthausen and renamed it Gasthof Steinhoff.

A lot of time has passed in the meantime - an eventful time with all the dark and bright facets of German history, which is also reflected in the development of our inn. This short chronicle is intended to give you a brief insight into the development of our house. At the same time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the further development of our hotel over the past years and to its current standard.


families Steinhoff & Mosch