Motorcyclists welcome!

The Südsauerland region with the adjoining Rothaargebirge mountains is virtually predestined for extended motorbike tours. Wide fields and forests with deciduous and coniferous trees, criss-crossed by winding country roads, offer the motorcyclist in the land of 1000 mountains many opportunities to "ride out of the way" of the usual excursion traffic.

With the Bigge and Sorpesee lakes, there are also very nice destinations for bikers with an affinity for water. On nice summer days, numerous well-known and less well-known motorbike models cavort on the car parks of the Sorpesee.

Motorbike route Sorpe dam

One example of the countless tours through the Südsauerland is the Sorpe dam motorbike route, which stretches over a total of 146 kilometres, and it is possible to enter this route in Finnentrop.

Motorbike route "Bigge-Biking"

You can also "get on" the Bigge-Biking motorbike route, which is around 98 km long, in Finnentrop.

Between Homert and Rothaargebirge

From Schönholthausen approx. 5 km up the country road in the direction of Weuspert, at the junction to the upper basin of the Rönkhausen pumped storage plant, continue straight on in the direction of Wörden and Weuspert is the entrance to the tour "between Homert and Rothaargebirge".

The actual starting point and destination of this tour is Eslohe, Machine and local history museum. A visit to this interesting museum is worthwhile for bikers interested in machines of all kinds.